How To Play A Piano Song On Acoustic Guitar

When I first started performing as a solo musician, I struggled a great deal to find music that I liked playing that people liked to listen to. Most of my favorite music was loud, rock based pop music in the ilk of REM, Wilco, Fugazi, Sugar, Nirvana, and Jeff Buckley, and most of it didn’t translate well to acoustic guitar. The guy who really helped me make the transition was Nick Drake, who’s preferred guitar tuning (Csus4) ended up becoming my favorite as well. It’s an open tuning with a suspended note in the middle, meaning that it was easy to play, yet had lots of possibilities to be made more complex. I found it to be a very pleasant tuning because it was so resounding; when played with fervor it made the guitar sing, which was no easy feat considering my guitar at the time was a factory second entry level Alvarez 12 string. As my playing improved and I started venturing out into playing extended length sets filled with covers, I opted for this tuning for acoustic songs out of habit, and because I was too lazy to retune my guitar every other song. Soon, I realized that with focus and sensitivity I could make this tuning work for just about any song. And given it’s full and resonant sound, it worked great for songs that originated as piano songs. Today, I present to you my first offering in Csus4 tuning performances of popular piano songs: Elton John’s “Your Song”. Playing it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, but I find it a whole lot easier to play it in Csus4 tuning than in standard EADGBE tuning. I had to make a few chord substitutions to make it work, but you’ll see that the basic idea of the song is there.
Also, I’d like to mention that this recording features the K&K PowerMix Pure System, the revolutionary acoustic pickup system that I now use exclusively on all my acoustics. Big thanks to Dieter at K&K Sound for reaching out to me!


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  1. That’s simply great! I’m a fan of piano and my husband is well fond of guitars. We usually do a solo and he plays the same song on his guitar. I simply love this duo!


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