Since the first performance of “Phil Stendek: Looped“, I have relied on the following equipment manufacturers to provide me with reliable sounds night after night, and those companies are Roland/BOSS corporation, GraphTech, Dream Cymbals, K&K pickups, Blackwing Guitar Amps, and Godin Guitars.

The following is a list of all the equipment I exclusively use in my one-man show:

BOSS RC-30 LoopStation (5 total)
BOSS RC-20 LoopStations (2 total)
BOSS RC-20XL LoopStations (2 total)
BOSS RC-300 LoopStation
BOSS RC-3 LoopStation
BOSS DD-20 GigaDelay
BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor
Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer
BOSS KM-04 MicroMixer

Keyboards / Samplers
Roland Juno-G Workstation Keyboard
Roland JD-Xi Analog/Digital Synthesizer
Roland SP-404sx Wave Convertor

Godin Session with Roland GK-3 pickup
Godin Multiac SA
Godin 5th Avenue Kinpin with K&K Definity pickup
Martin D12X1AE 12-string acoustic w/ K&K Powermix Pure System
Dean Resonator Thin Body Electric w/ K&K Pure Resonator Pickup
Dean Espana Classical Cutaway w/ K&K Pure Pickup
Ibanez RG450DXB Electric w/ Roland GK-3 Pickup
(all guitars are equipped with GraphTech nuts and bridges)


Blackwing 15 watt Custom Amp Head and 12″ speaker Cabinet

Dream Cymbals
Roland V-Drums

DJ Equipment
Technics Turntables and Headphones
Numark Mixers

Planet Waves Cables and Soundhole Plugs
Dunlop Ultex 1.0mm Sharp Picks
D’Addario Strings, 10’s on electric and 12 string, 11’s on resonator, EJ 46 Hard Tension on Multiac
Audix OM-2 Vocal Mics
Vater Sticks
Evans Drum Heads
Hercules Guitar Stands
On-Stage Platform Keyboard Stand

On K&K Pickups
“…I have relied solely on K&K acoustic guitar pickup systems since 2009, and they have provided me with unmatched quality and reliability. The PowerMix system in particular captured all the most desirable traits of my 6-string, 12-string, and nylon string acoustic guitar’s tone, and enabled me to find expressions unavailable to me with other pickups. In addition, the Pure Resonator BB pickup saved my resonator guitar from being designated a “studio-only” instrument with its amazingly accurate tone and character and resistance to feedback. I’ve tried other systems, and K&K is th only one that comprehensively offers me what I want out of a pickup system affordably and reliably.”

On GraphTech hardware
“…On my acoustic guitars and on my electrics with traditional bridges and nuts, I totally rely on GraphTech to give me tone and stability. The TUSQ line of bridge pins, nuts and bridges are installed on all my guitars, and they’ve improved my tone, string movement, and intonation immensely. Recently, I upgraded all the machine heads on all my electric guitars with RAT:O tuners. Peerless tuning stability combined with revolutionary design. Tuning my guitar is now a fun and exciting experience!!”

On Roland/BOSS electronics
“…I’ve been a proud user of BOSS and Roland equipment since the first time I got on stage with a guitar. Since 1994, my pedal performance rig has proudly been decked out with BOSS and Roland products, and I use no other brands for effects, keyboards, electronic drums, tuners, samplers, mixers, looping units, or volume pedals. The LoopStation alone has enabled me to make a living playing music since 2002, and the Roland Juno line of synths combined with BOSS guitar processors and Roland guitar synths have allowed me to very accurately simulate the sound of a full band in a solo setting. I owe my career to this great company and it’s versatile line of products.”

On Dream Cymbals
“….It’s literally a “dream” come true to have an endorsement from Dream Cymbals. I’ve had an 18 inch Bliss crash/ride on my drum set for over 10 years, and it’s been the heart of my cymbal sound, along with being the most versatile cymbal I’ve ever owned. In addition to it, I also have a full array of Dream Cymbals including splashes, China-types, crashes, rides, and hand cymbals. It’s truly the most cost-effective way to recreate the sound of a vintage cymbal without having to search fruitlessly online and in music stores.”

On Godin Guitars
“….Ever since I started performing solo, I’ve been clamoring for a Godin guitar because they are one of only a handful of guitar manufacturers who make guitars with built-in synth pickups. In addition to the synth pickup, the guitars are magnificently built with great attention to detail. Both Godin guitars that I own came right out of the box playing and sounding exactly how I wanted them to. I had to do no modifications to either guitar, and I don’t plan on it either. The Multiac SA is definitely my go-to guitar for acoustic gigs since it’s nylon string tone is perfect for intimate venues, along with the synth access which enables me to access virtual versions of other sounds like keyboards, bass guitar, electric guitar, etc… It also has a very sleek appearance which works great for corporate gigs or upscale dining room entertainment.
The same goes for the 5th Avenue Kinpin. It’s classic jazz box design exudes a timeless image of class and distinction, yet it’s P-90 pickup gives it a versatility that enables me to use it in a variety of situations. It’s my preferred guitar for solos, and when combined with the K&K definity pickup it works beautifully as an alternative to my 6 string acoustic. And perhaps it’s most desirable quality is when played with a slide. All in all, a very versatile guitar that is a true pleasure to play.

On Blackwing Amps
“In 2016, I had the great pleasure of meeting world famous amp designer and founder of Blackwing Amps, James Heidrich. I told him what I wanted, he gave it to me. What I wanted was an amp that had one channel that sounded clean and crystalline at a low volume, fiery and bold at a high volume. I wanted something that had all the tonal characteristics of all my favorite amps rolled into one. In short, I wanted an amp that would make me sound great. Now, when I play live with a band or record in the studio, I don’t have to think about my guitar tone. I just plug into my Blackwing and fly.”



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