The Phil Stendek Podcast is a weekly show featuring interviews with people from all walks of life talking about music. He also co-hosts a weekly episode on looping with fellow loop artist Just Alliance. What is looping, you ask? Well, listen to an episode and find out. New episodes every Monday and Wednesday.



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  1. Listened to the first 4 podcasts
    The one with Jon Celentano was so good .. i coulda listened to that all day long .. it was just Great
    Great job Phil
    Also enjoyed listening to Michael Johnson as well
    I think i’m “Hooked”
    Keep up the Good Work


  2. Hi Phil,
    These podcasts have been really great. They are informative and funny. I noticed the last one was published on 6/14/16. Hopefully there will be more. A Monday/Wednesday publishing schedule is very aggressive. I’d be happy with one a week or every other week, heck one a month as long as they can continue. The looping stuff is great I loved the LoopingLive show and to echo Gary, the Jon Celentano show was fun to listen to. It’s great to hear two musicians riff off each others conversations like you guys did.
    Best of luck with this and your music.



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